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Welcome to my blog, here’s what’s up with me these days…

Recently I’ve begun working on a few long term photography projects. My time working for newspapers has ignited ideas about generating content, and I find photojournalism to be a refreshing, eye-opening experience. For a long time, and through a couple of iterations, I have been formulating ideas about chronicling the people and places in Atlanta.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the art community for nearly the entire time I’ve lived here. Never before had I witnessed a place so vibrant and full of people making things. Not only that, but the community welcomed me and has continued to encourage and inspire me. The art scene is passionate, well-respected, and here unlike so many other places I have been you can find many independent artists who make their living simply by creating things.

It’s marvelous. And I want to talk about it.

Throughout the winding years of my early 20s and by virtue of many late nights at bars, internships at local galleries, and classes at Georgia State, I have come to know many remarkable people. In speaking with my friends and getting to know them both virtually and in person I’ve come to hear many amazing stories and I have been intrigued to learn more about them, their art, their path, and the community as a whole.

In the style of photo essays I seek to find and highlight some of the most influential members of our local artist community. In some cases this will mean interviewing artists in their natural environment to see where they create their art, as I think there’s a special magic in any place that fosters a lot of creativity. I will also be visiting local businesses that I think are interesting and noteworthy to snap photographs and highlight cool spots in my community.

Stay tuned to see some of my favorite people and places that make Atlanta my home. Also check them out in the cross-posts on my Facebook page –

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